Saturday, July 24, 2010

Old Stuff. MARX Minutemen

I sold these a while back but kept the photos of course. I never had them as a kid in the 50s 60s but was able to get them in 00s. They were from the Johnny Tremain set with some fictional characters like Johnny, and some "Founding Fathers," with Paul Revere.


  1. Fascinating, I've just put the Kinder/Ferrero Paul Revere on my blog, and having been told he is based on an Elastolin 70mm plastic, and realizing as I did the article that he bears more than a passing resemblance to the Airfix US officer from the AWI HO/OO sets I now find this?

    I know there's only so many ways of representing him on a horse, in C18th dress, but I think a deeper comparison article is called for, could I use your Marx close up (with acknowledgment of course)?

  2. Yes you may. That's a repro done in very rubbery plastic by THE HOBBY BUNKER in Malden, Massachusetts. They made most of the characters from the set from the original MARX mold.

  3. Thanks Scott, I took all the other photo's this afternoon while waiting to see if you'd reply today or later, and it's obvious this is the pose Kinder used, or ended up with - I think it's a Res Plastics supplied thing? H.