Sunday, January 18, 2015

Replicant US Marines.

I posted photos of these figures back when I got them as unpainted castings.

Here are the first of the same castings that I  painted. There is something about Replicant figures that seem crude even if the poses are quite graceful. Maybe it's the plastic texture and the flash at the mold parting line plus the original sculpting looks whittled in some details.  Also my painting is becoming more Impressionistic as I pick out the details with splotches of paint.

More soon......


  1. Good work. I find Replicants hard to work with, what with the flash and I find the plastic is brittle too.

  2. I love the white cross belts and trousers on ACW US Marines. Such a classic look.
    You did a fine job painting them.

  3. I'll just ditto what the Mad Oadre said about the white cross belts. Fine painting job.