Sunday, January 11, 2015

Capt. Charles Tarr's Company 1814

I bought this set of War of 1812  militia from   All The Kings Men  and painted them to what I think local militia looked like in my home town of Rockport, Mass. Capt. Tarr's, Elwell's and Haskell's Companies have all be labeled "The Sandy Bay Sea Fencibles" in various sources but this may have been just Elwell's Company. Haskell's company was a "detached" company that manned the forts on Cape Ann, an island/cape that included an number of parishes including what later became Rockport.
All The Kings Men  have metal castings sold in bags of 12 to 14, 54 mm figures made for war gaming.They come with separate heads and 3 basic enlisted man bodies plus an officer and musician.

 Capt. Charles Tarr himself.....

 The man in the great coat below was painted to look like a seaman in a tarred watch coat while other men have farmer smocks or civilian work clothes.

All The Kings Men are a little crude in some cases but make study war gaming figures or toy like figures. At $ 40.00 USD for a bag.....not bad.


  1. Wonderful, they must feel a little more substantial to work with given the weight of the material.

  2. Great looking militia, very nice job!

  3. Scott, you are the first person I have seen in the blogs I follow to use All the King's Men. I have been toying with the idea of buying a bunch of the AWI grenadier heads, and swapping out the too-short bearskined heads on A Call To Arms and Barzso grenadiers. The ATKM bodies often look a little cartoonish, but I think the heads would blend well with my Britains, I/R, and some of the Barzso. At least I won't have 6 companies of grenadiers with fusilier bearskins.

  4. Fantastic how you painted these as militia men!