Friday, January 23, 2015

More Replicant US Marines

I just finished the remaining figures from the Replicant series of US Marines from the American Civil War. These are the advancing figures plus the officer added to the firing figures.

 The advancing man below is a good pose and wears the President Lincoln chin beard.

 The figure below is a bit rough and scrunched over. He wears the Judson Kilpatrick whiskers.

 Genl' Judson Kilpatrick ....

 The officer is pretty good and has the correct US Marine braid epaulettes....

21 figures good for a small raid on the Confederate coastline.


  1. That's building into a substantial force and you are certainly squeezing some variety out of the poses.

  2. Excellent looking figures! Great to see some other poses as the standard ones! These are full of action!


  3. Great painting and a fine set of whiskers (I think these are called Picadilly or Dundreary weepers over here).