Friday, July 19, 2013

Small project with Classic Toy Soldiers Union Infantry

I'm painting a firing line of Union Infantry by Classic Toy Soldiers with a few additions for their Confederate set. There are issues with the details the CTS goofed on or failed to add.

I have about eight more in other poses to paint. We'll see.


  1. I like the head conversion to add variety; they all seem o be coming along nicely although I've become accustomed to seeing your troops all one colour now.

  2. They look great Scott.

    Hot water trick, thanks. I must try that myself!

  3. Very nicely painted. The hot water method can vary results wise especially with straightening things like rifles/ swords etc. A good idea is to have a right angle Piece , a bit of metal Strip bent into an "L" so when you´ve warmed the rifle or what ever you can press it into the Corner of the "L" (using a flat Piece of Wood/metal) and it gets it straight from both above and the side.