Friday, July 5, 2013

Pickett Pertigrew Charge on my table top.

I pulled out all my MARX repros and discovered that I don't have enough table for them all. Here's the Pickett/Pettigrew attack on Cemetery Right July 3, 1863.

The tiny 8th Ohio fires into the right flank of the Pettigrew's Division...

Pickett's Division...

Stannard's Brigade of Vermonters flanks Pickett's right flank.



  1. Very nice! Great atmosphere...

  2. An epic battle Scott; do you know how many models you actually have?

  3. I like it...the way you´ve made the cannon hits among the troops is clever.

  4. Hi Scott - I thought I had your eMail from the post I did ages ago with the Paul Revere figure, but I can't find it, could you eMail me, it might well be to you eMail is at the top of my Blog. Cheers,


    PS - I liked the explosions too!

  5. Scott,
    Absolutely inspired use of "crawling guy" as "thrown-into-air explosion guy"!