Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hinterland figures

These are probably not news to war gamers. I have been looking at these female troops for some time and I finally bought some. Heck I'm not even a gamer but I'm now working on the female hussars that Hinterland makes.

Here are the female sailors I bought first that look German or Austro-Hungarian. I can see tweaking the caps and making a fantasy British or French landing party by varying the blues and whites naval clothing.

I was lucky to find a pile of 7/8" steel slugs at in the scrap bin at work to mount the figures. I'm trying for beach sand with real beach sand but the ground work still needs a bit of improvement. I understand that gamers use magnetic strips to secure their figures in travel boxes so the steel bases will work well.

 Questions. Who do gamers fight with these figures? Dahomey Amazons? Female zombies or vampires?  Another question is... do gamers "kill" female figures or just take them out of play? Women's equality in today's military and all aside, I hate to think that even miniature female figures symbolically  die or are wounded in table top combat. Any answers from Gamers? No judgement on my part, I'm just curious.


  1. nice figures and superb painting work!
    I understand that it's not easy to accept that women could be killed in wargames!
    I'm not a wargamer too so I can't say how they treat the women in the games! I can't imagine and accept that some races or armies could loose battles ....

  2. Nicely done Sir! It sounds strange, but I actually paint my sand, sand colour! The addition of a couple of slightly larger pebbles also helps. I've been tempted by these miniatures myself, but have absolutely no idea as to there use.

  3. I'd use them for a 1920's "Pulp" Adventure setting. Maybe some female arch criminal has hired a gang to crew her volcano lair or something. How scandalous.

    And yeah, wargamers do have a tendency to call all defeated models "dead" without regard to gender. There are some campaign games that have rules for determining whether a defeated model is dead, wounded, or whatever.

    The only game I know of that includes a gender rule is a special model in "Legends of the Old West" who cannot be attacked unless she attacks first.

    -Solo Sam


    1. very interesting information ! thanks too!

      (and you have a very good blog, Sam: added in my blog roll !)