Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Crimean War Cantinieres

 Great source. I was used to seeing just British Crimean War sources.

 Will the Turk take wine?

 Heroic Turkish ally.....

 Friendly Russians (From another source I forgot)

These images are imaginary or actual female subject in the Crimea.


  1. What an incredible reference; a great find.

  2. Fantastic source of detail there Scott. By the way, I do hope you don't mind me asking, I am trying to buy a repro sword(s) from an American dealer who will only ship to US addresses. I need an American friend who would be willing to forward them onto me in Blighty. Any expenses would be prepaid by me, so there is no risk of being out of pocket. If you can help, please mail me A refusal will not offend, and I hope you don't mind me asking.

    1. Can you try with an email address again? I tried returning the one you sent but it didn't work.