Friday, January 20, 2012

Le Pantalon Féminin or No delay in the Cannon Project.

I'm just waiting for the paint to dry etc. and I came across an on-line version of the 1906 classic;

Le Pantalon Féminin.

This is the 1916 edition which is"profusely illustrated." I haven't figured out how to use GOOGLE Translate on the pages yet but this appears to be a history of ........women's underpants up to the beginning of the 20th Century. If you have any questions of what women's underwear looked like in the opening years of World War One, (the film Flyboys got it wrong) then the following illustrations will help you out.

The one below appears to represent the mid 1800s....

 The visible chemise tail showing out the back of the drawers is a common feature of this series of illustrations.

 This one below may represent the late 1800s....


  1. Ha! Not porn..."erotica". Plus it has "redeeming social importance" for historians, costumers, reenactors, film makers, and even toy soldier collectors or war gamers.

    Wouldn't a man like to dally with these plump, fair, rosy cheeked, white shouldered women? I sure would! Where's my time machine!

    Thanks for commenting Ray! Stay tuned.

  2. I agree Scott........and Google and Yahoo should have a TRANSLATE selection right on the line containing the site's name....


  3. Thank you,

    There is a plain text version but it's so full of strange symbols for French grammar that Google can't handle the translation. What I did get is that it's "fun" rather than a scholarly work.