Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Cannon Project...done!

Some touch-ups, matte spray coating etc....

A brass tack replaces the piece Americana used. It's tough to get that one out. Be careful with the pliers and vice. One Hard Cider (Woodchuck, Magners or Strongbow) is enough during the job. Kid's ask your parents who will say no to the Cider.

 Replace the wheel hubs carefully. I had to tap each hub into a hole in some wood that was a smaller diameter than the hub piece to get it to fit. CAREFULLY but firmly tap the axle from the opposite side.This pressed the hub over the axle and the hole in the wood allows the axle to go in pushing the hub...argggghhhh! You get it, Right?

I did paint the prolonge rope (sailors call it a "line")  on the trail.
 TSSD conversions to Union gunners....

TSSD conversions to Confederate gunners...

Thanks for watching!


  1. Nice battery of guns - very impressive !.

  2. Lovely bit of alteration!! They really look the part. The ist pic..them without wheels..remind me of the "flying duck" wall decorations from the 60/70´s :-D
    I wish you hadn´t mentioned cider...I used to really like a glass of it years back..there´s no decent cider to be had here, for love nor money :-(