Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cannon Project 2......

...making mistakes so you don't have to.

1. use some primer on the metal.
2. paint in a well lit and warm place
3. allow paint to dry longer.

Taking a second look at these model cannon's carriages, there is a small "eye" located here..... on the real carriages.  I tried  adding a bucket hook with paper clip metal as I found in my "stash" six old artillery bucket from when I made guns for sale back in the 80's  BUT after making them....

... 1, the hooks just don't look right in the WRONG location which of course is under the axle and they look a little "clunky" anyway. Plus this detail adds a breakable "fiddly bit".

More to come.


  1. I like the position. How about a smaller gauge of wire ?

  2. The axle looks hollow. Would it have been possible to make a block of plastic or whatever that would fit into the space and attach the hook to that?

  3. A Collector, I'm going to try another kind of wire rod. Thanks Paul, I'm going to try attaching the hook where it belongs, under the axle. I may use "Green Stuff" to anchor the hook to.

    Thanks !

    1. Hi,
      I'm wanting to get some Americana Souvenirs & Gifts cannons like what you have, to use with 1/32 (54mm) figures. ASG has many different models of cannons, apparently in various sizes. The retailer I've been corresponding with says he doesn't which of them are 1/32 scale.
      Can you give me an ASG model number perhaps from the box) so that I'll know what cannons to order?

    2. I have the box in front of me and there is no model number BUT, the bar code number is 93473 00002. Hope that helps.

  4. If you heat the wire you can plunge it into the plastic easily.

  5. Thanks Bob but the carriages are made of some kind of "pot metal".