Thursday, November 10, 2011

French Mystery

This is a cover from the French anti-clerical magazine LA CALOTTE. LA CALOTTE was published from from 1906 to 1912 and was "profusely illustrated." You can thumb through the issues here.

If you are offended by French early 1900s anti-clericalism you can skip it.
One 1907 issue featured a cover with a "Mystere". The caption has the sister asking what are these for or what are these? She is holding female under drawers of the period style that are divided in the middle and worn over a woman's chemise. The center division makes relieving one self easy without getting undressed.
Does the sister not know what they are or how they function? Is she that isolated? Maybe she is wondering what these fancy drawers are doing where she is. It's likely the 1907 reader got the joke.

If you can figure out what the mystery is, please comment but keep it "family friendly."

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