Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer's End

I get home from work around 7 PM but my daughter convinced me to go for a walk on Wingaersheek Beach while the sun was still shining. Wingaersheek Beach must have designed by postcard printers rather than time and tide. There's a lighthouse in view and Ipswitch Bay plus sand dunes and summer cottages. The Annisquam River is the right of the beach making for a lot of pleasure craft traffic. Along the river bank is the "Redneck Riverea" (as I call it) where regular  folks pull up their boats and picnic. Gas is expensive and the economy down so a short trip to Wingearsheek is cheaper and one can moor for the day for free. At low tide the sand bar goes out about 1/4 mile into the bay and makes a great walking place. This possibly last walk on the beach this summer made me think fast and grab my camera plus some of  "Louis' Beauties." These were plastic figures made my MARX and handed out by Louis Marx to friends. There was a reclining  nude in the group that someone is reproducing but I haven't gotten yet as the plastic is not flesh color.. The figures look very 1940s early 1950s.


  1. Very, very nice Scott. Just the way a beach should look!!!

  2. They are good...hte discus thrower is my´s a very well balanced sculpt.
    I could imagine myself painting that..a very good pose.