Saturday, September 3, 2011

Classic Toy Soldiers' Union Army

I was able to pick up some loose figures from CTS's 16 figure, 8 pose set...

I picked out only the fighting figures wearing knapsacks...

Some details of the knapsack are missing as are some bayonet scabbards..

This officer below will also look great commanding artillery, dismounted cavalry, or maybe French Franco-Prussian War troops....

Not to complain but the problem of making figures with mixed gear gives you an army where kneeling firing men wear blankets rolls and the standing men wear knapsacks. It's noticable. CTS has released Confederate troops, also in mixed gear, so I may cull the knapsack wearers to convert to Union troops.

CTS's two offerings are pretty lively and the Confederates, using figures from the Union set, should be a fun force to build.

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  1. Looks like really nice detail in those figures. The officer looks really cool.