Monday, September 19, 2011

More LEMAX 1/32 scale Civilians

At less than two USD each it's a worth experimenting with these figures. One can repaint them to match painted military figures or paint them one color to go with unpainted plastic figures. They are on the large size for some figure lines but can work with Toy Soldiers of San Diego and Conte figures..


  1. Great figures and well done with the mods.

  2. Well done! I use the Running Doctor and the Barrel Carrier figure in my western town. I wish you would war game,I have so much fun gaming. You can use the old TSR "Boot Hill" rules for every era, Use the reaction dice if you get stuck. just roll 2,6 sided dice 2 is strong no, 12 is strong yes. Just keeping asking questions like a mini ouija board, or make things up. But keep on gaming.