Saturday, March 27, 2010

Italian Cantinieres

The Italian States had Cantinieres or at least period artists and illustrators thought so.
Several examples below were from the state of Parma.

This woman below served in a Bersaglieri regiment. But it may be a fictional incident.

The woman on the right is either an armed fighter or a cantiniere for Garibaldi's troops.

These two photos below show a cantiniere posing alone, and with a unit of Garibaldi's troops in 1866. She is seated in the center.


  1. Thank you for posting these interesting images. May I ask the source for the last two photographs?
    Benedetta Gennaro

  2. Dear Benedetta,

    I found the Photographs in GARIBALDI, The Revolutionary and His Men by Andrea Viotti.

    It from 1979 and published in English.