Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Replicant Smugglers. Painted 54mm Plastic figures

           I bought these figures back in the fall and finally finished them yesterday. It was a bad case of "painter's block" and me kinda hating these figures were to blame. Several figures are pretty good but most needed a lot of work to clean up the flash and replace poorly formed hands, a head, and weapons. They are meant to be English smugglers from the late 1700s and could be used for pirate characters.

 The "squire" or customs man with lantern and the man with a signal lantern. Having a small figure with a light source just doesn't work without a light.

 I had to replace the head and hand on the signal man.

 Again. A guy with a torch or light source needs to be self illuminating .

Two guys with barrels. Not bad figures for a number of duties.

The ring leader of the gang in disguise. Sort of like the "Scarecrow of Romney Marsh."

Bilbo Baggins with a blunderbus.

Awkward guy with a belaying pin. I had to replace the left hand. These eight guys cost me $40 USD. You might like them with Replicant's 1745 Culloden British as Revenue Men.  Photo from Steve Weston's site.

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