Saturday, December 3, 2016

Scenes from It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis

Mostly repro MARX figures

The US under the Presidency of "Buzz" Windrip. 

"Corpo" Police arrest dissidents 

                              Journalist Doremus Jessup is arrested by local "Minute Men"

"....He most noticed a number of stray imitation soldiers, without side-arms or rifles, but in a uniform like that of an American cavalryman in 1870: slant-topped blue forage caps, dark blue tunics, light blue trousers, with yellow stripes at the seam, tucked into leggings of black rubberoid for what appeared to be the privates, and boots of sleek black leather for officers. Each of them had on the right side of his collar the letters "M.M." and on the left, a five-pointed star. There were so many of them; they swaggered so brazenly, shouldering civilians out of the way; and upon insignificances like Doremus they looked with frigid insolence...."
                        ( I used the MARX US cavalry that look more like 1950s GIs)

                                            District Commissioner Shad Ledue

"Looks a bit like over in Germany and Italy!"
                              "Don't worry neighbor...It can happen here!"


                                         Members of the New Underground.

                                     Another arrest by Corpo Police and Minute Men.

                                                        "I'd better look away"

        "Anyway........... I'll be on easy street when President Windrip sends everyone their $ 5,000.00!"

     You can read "It Can't Happen Here" on line


  1. Interesting. Isn´t the series "V" based on the Story (the facists replaced with Aliens)?