Friday, March 20, 2015

Finally finished the Zouaves

The took several remaining figures from the Expeditionary Force Zouave set and finished the officers and made two color bearers from these stock figures. The flags were printed from examples from the Internet and represent the 5th New York.


  1. Great figures and well painted Scott. The flags are good too. Are the X Force figures comparable in stature to figures like Britains, AiP etc?

  2. Hello Col. The X Force figures a slightly smaller than other brands especially the largish TSSD and the rounder AIP figures. I had to replace the tiny artillery piece included in that set with the one from IMEX. I hope that information helps and thank toy for the compliment. Scott

  3. Very nice Scott. I love the way you've painted this guys so brightly - proper Zouave flamboyance. I really need some for my collection - Perry Brothers do a box in 28mm that look quite nice.
    Best, Michael