Friday, March 6, 2015

Alamo Dioramas

I saw a number of dioramas in Texas of the Alamo and Alamo battle. These photos might be of interest to war gamers and buffs of the battle.

The Mark Lemon diorama, owned by musician Phil Collins. It's in The History Shop across the street from the North West side of the Alamo...well worth the $5 ticket the guide is really informative and the light and sound show is well done.

This one is out doors on the grounds of the Alamo...

Another is in the Alamo Gift Shop...

 Also a diorama display for the BMC Alamo playset.

The San Jacinto Monument has a great museum located in the base of the monument.

It's dioramas are about 30mm to 40mm scale and of scenes of Texas history. The figures are crude but fun.

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