Friday, December 5, 2014

Idea In The Works.....The Lady In Black

Fort Warren on George's Island in Boston Harbor is the site for a totally B.S.  " legend" of a Confederate female spy that was hung for trying to help her POW husband escape. She was disguised as a man but requested women's clothing to be hung in and was given a black robe used in fort theatricals. Her ghost was reported walking on the walls but the story was entirely made up by writer Edward Rowe Snow.
I have camped there several times in the 1980s as the site has yearly Civil War events. It can be creepy at night.

Confederate POW photographed at the fort.

 The approach to the main gate and guard rooms.
 Period newspaper illustrations at the time of the Trent Affair.

 Period photos of Fort Warren...

 Not the lady in Black, but a civilian visitor.

There was an escape by a Confederate Navy officer and Marine from the fort

There just may be a story with miniatures I can do about Fort Warren....


  1. That does sound like a good legend if nothing else. I'm curious about the guards' uniforms in the first two photos, as they look curiously light coloured (hard to tell in the B&W) and the cut seems odd. Are they wearing kersey blue federal overcoats, perhaps, or something more unusual?

  2. Michael, the sentries are wearing the Union issue overcoat. The color and material were the same as issue trousers.