Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A little busy..

My daughter Rachel is in Boston Children's Hospital and is getting one of her heart valves replaced.

Most likely she will be fine.  We were expecting that she was going to have this done before adulthood. Rachel is in one of the best hospitals in the world. Good thing that my wife's health insurance will cover most of the cost and the A.C.A.  (aka "Obama Care)  protects her coverage  until she is 26.

Good thing I'm not superstitious as I dropped this recently painted LEMAX little girl figure.

 Good old Zap-A-Gap fixed everything.


  1. Hoping for a successful procedure.

  2. Being at Boston's Children's, she'll be in good hands. Wishing her a speedy and complete recovery. Prayers are with her.

  3. Wishing Rachel a speedy recovery from the operation, I'm sure super glue will not be required.

  4. Echoing all the above, I wish Rachel a successful operation and a swift recovery. best regards Mike