Thursday, November 27, 2014

Painted Expeditionary Force Zouaves.

I have a unit of the 5th New York in the works but I finished a small group of figures representing the  Salem Light Infantry militia company known as the Salem Zouaves during the American Civil War. These figures were made from the extra figures from three boxes using the kepi heads included with the Expeditionary Force kits.

A random inspiration from my daughter Rachel has these soldiers dealing with the "supernatural" forces in old New England. She has been watching the TV series Salem and reporting on the anachronisms.


  1. Fine work. I am looking forward to the Exeditionary Force medievals coming soon. Is 'Salem' a new TV show ? I could do with watching a half decent interpretation of the Witch trials (even if there are anachronisms).

  2. "Zombies and Zouaves" - I must say the alliteration is very pleasing and the concept is amazing. I'm pretty sure you could corner the market on this one.
    Lovely Zouaves - that's a glaring hole in my own ACW collection.

  3. Absolutely tremendous, what a weirdly wonderful concept.

  4. Your daughter have some strange ideas! But this one I like! Great painted Zouaves!