Saturday, November 22, 2014

No much at the moment except..... daughter Rachel paid a visit to my workshop.

I did finish a few odd figures I pickup at a discount table at the local miniatures show.

 I think it's supposed to be this guy..... Isambard Kingdom Brunel

                                                       A Lincoln figure wearing his hat

A British officer in "Mess Dress"

and an old figure from one of the Strombecker Kits from the 1960s that I painted as a Prussian from 1870.

Think these kits were only $1.00 at the time.


  1. I take it the Strombecker's metal? I have all the paperwork for the Monogram 'Merite' series somewhere, they must be pretty contemporary. It's a nice looking figure.

    I also wonder...what happened to all that chain? Was it lost at sea, buried, forgotten to rust away somewhere or recycled? If it was recycled, bit's of it are probably in half the steel items in an average family home!


  2. Great to get a little sneak peak at where the magic happens Scott.

  3. Nice officer! Any idea of the make?

    1. The base is stamped "Sea Soldiers". I think originally it was a Royal Marine as it was in a blue uniform.