Wednesday, January 15, 2014

No Lingerie in Space!

According to Carrie Fisher.......

Except that SCI-FI has covered that subject and the lingerie on female space travelers usually matched the current styles when the stories were written.

Buck Rogers  1920s...

Wilma Deering again. (Thank you Jose)

Buck Rogers 1940s... (Thank you Jose)

Dale Arden  from Flash Gorden...

The TV series UFO 1970

Space Cruiser Yamato  shown in the US as Starblazers...

Dr Who.....

Aliens 1986

Star Trek Enterprise 2001.

Prometheus 2012 retro Roman lingerie....

The newest Star Trek films made no attempt to be futuristic.

Gravity 2013

Actual astronauts commented on the Gravity film that what is really worn by astronauts of both sexes is this....


  1. Actually Welma Deering is a character from Buck Rogers, not from Flash Gordon.

    1. Thank you Jose. I 'll fix it. I think I have a Dale Arden picture somewhere.

  2. Princess Leis in nappies - it just wouldn't be the same!

  3. I head an NPR conversation on Gravity which made the same point - that Ms. Bullock's undergarments made no accommodation for how tricking cold it is, even in a spacesuit.
    I must say that UFO had some of the craziest styles ever seen in SF - the Anderson's Space 1999 by comparison was quite restrained, though I am sure Barbara Bain was wearing something heavily underwired.

  4. And remember Barbarella with a young Jane Fonda (1968) and here another image from Buck Rogers:

    1. Thanks Jose. I was looking for that Buck Rogers strip. Wilma is wearing a1920s "teddy" or combination garment.