Saturday, August 10, 2013

Expeditionary Force Confederate Artillery

X-Forces's Civil War figures are a petite 54mm and the pants are too tight for the 1860s. I took the extra hat heads supplied with the infantry set and replaced the kepi heads on the gunners. The neatness and trimness of the molded uniforms suggested that I just paint this crew as "uniform" and well dressed. I did a conversion on the useless bucket guy and gave him the ramrod making him a # 1 gunner. The other # 1 became a # 4 with the primer lanyard. The tiny cannon supplied with the set was replaced with an IMEX cannon which is closer in scale.

A mounted officer comes with the Artillery set. Cut off the US officer shoulder straps and you have a nice Confederate officer.


  1. These look wonderful - painted even more so. So much under appreciated "toy plastics" out there. You've certainly done these justice. Best, Dean

    1. Thank you dean. Metal castings used to be relatively cheap and available but not any more since Imrie/Risley has gone.

  2. Very nice. Beautifully painted. The detail is terrific!

  3. These really are superb Scott, lovely job my good man.