Sunday, May 12, 2013

Second Amendment Funnies present...

I may be a lefty liberal secularist but I like my four 4 firearms that I have chained to my workshop ceiling and I have my state's license. Fire arms are sometimes beautiful but always interesting machines in the hands of responsible citizens.


  1. Responsibly kept etc they are no more dangerous than a lot of things...
    Both cars and guns seem to cause the deaths of roughly the same amount of People in the US every year..(on average)

    1. I thought having a volunteer armed school guard program in the US might be a good idea. Maybe funded by the NRA. The kind of folks that might join it concerns me.

      Cars are a "privilege" rather than a right in this country because there were no cars in the 1780s.

  2. Entertaining ( as always) and succinct. Over this side of the pond of course every legal firearm is supposedly licenced , but it is still getting more and more difficult for re-enactors. I used to keep my matchlock musket in the umbrella stand, now a steel locker is required (at vast expense) to keep this state of the art firearm out of the hands of criminals. Perhaps you could do a little vignette of a bank robbery pulled off using wildy inaccurate muzzle loaders.

  3. nice job (from one lefty to another)!