Friday, May 24, 2013

18th Century House project

I'm working on several 1/32 scale houses to go with Rev-War and Civil War figures. The "Georgian Colonial" is one of the best local examples of a "standard" house built in the early 1700s and still standing today. I drive past dozens of the them everyday in just 15 miles and several examples are just down my street. The basic house has a central chimney, 5 windows on the second floor a sometimes ornate front door and 2 windows on each side. While many have either been modernized over 250 years and added to on the sides and back, the "base" house is pretty simple and attractive with smaller and larger variation. Barzso's Lexington Green play set has a nice model with only 3 top windows plus a "Salt Box" example. Both types of house are on my daily commute from Gloucester to Ipswitch.

I'm using foam to make the base house with sheet clapboarding and in 2 cases, left over roof pieces from the BMC Gettysburg "Lee's HQ" house. I'm experimenting with enlarging an on-line down loadable cut out paper model to get the scale and details.

Let's see where this goes....

More models  to make a store and a 1700s house one side, 1800s house the other. Glue Stick, mat board and the printouts.

KIDS! Please be careful with the Mat cutters and Exact-o knives! Ask your Parents  first.

More to come.......


  1. Scott, this looks like a great project! I also work a lot with 1/32 Rev War (and am also former 10th Foot). I am interested in seeing how this shapes up. Barszo has some nice stuff but 5- Bay houses as are common on Battle Road are very few and far between. Only his Buckman Tavern is a 5-Bay house. There is a lot of potential here for replicating houses of colonial Massachusetts in 1/32nd!

  2. They look really good so far..very neatly cut out. Thanks for the link to the houses :-D

  3. They seem to be coming along apace and with great results too.