Saturday, April 6, 2013

"White People" playset by Safari.

"Oh Muffy!"


  1. They look like "Barbie" figures !

  2. Delightful figures - I'd love to get some. Is there also a Toob of 'black people'?
    Incidentally Neanderthal was almost certainly white, given the climate he lived in and probably red haired. He wasn't our ancestor but our extinct cousin, although modern depictions show him not stooped over or ape like. Neanderthal and Cro Magnon shared a common ancestor, probably in Africa but it could have been in the Middle East or Asia too. James O

  3. No black people but there is a set of 1/32 scale occupations such as the police men in the photo. (I painted one as "white.") There is a black policeman and postal worker. I called the figures Neanderthals which is wrong as you wrote. These figs including a male are probably meant to be earlier hence the dark skin. I may repaint them to be Neanderthals.