Friday, April 12, 2013

Non Sequitur Adventures....

Don't ask...who knows right now where this will go, if at all.


 Lot' o Armies In Plastic conversions with a Reamsa female.


  1. I loved this post. Can you tell us something about the conversions and especially the weapons. They look like they are made from Ork Big Shootas! I'm unfamiliar with the bad guys in black - do they relate to characters in the book?
    James O'Connell

    1. James, The black clad soldiers are AIP WW One soldiers with the Maxims. I added some wire and gem shaped stick-on from the art store to make the strange guns, The caps are WW One officer heads from the same AIP set. They figures were made to be minions of some late Victorian European Dr. Doom type. Here they are Robar the Conqueror's troops,

  2. :) My first smile of the day, thank you!

  3. Google- Steam Noir: The Creations of William Wardrop, and look under Aircraft.

  4. Who cares where it is going, I'm on board!