Tuesday, November 13, 2012

LEMAX Sky backdrop

LEMAX makes a 4 feet by 18 inch sky back drop for it's various village series. Here's a few test shots with the one I picked up. Right now it's only tacked to the wall but I see permanently attaching it to a stiff backing. You have to break the horizon between the table and the wall with some buildings and scenery. The finish of the backdrop is glossy so lighting may be tricky.



  1. Really good. I´ve been keeping my eye out for a long strip type backdrop (for when i pull my finger out and do some wragaming) and that looks great.

  2. Have to say that I'm impressed by this Scott, as you say photography could be tricky, but it certainly has the desired effect.

  3. I really like your conversions and the way the Indians are painted.

  4. very good backdrop for very good figs!
    Conversions? wow! they are great ones!
    I love the poses: very dynamic and lifefull.