Saturday, June 2, 2012

"ESS" words.

I don't hear most of these terms much any more. Some are just obsolete.  Some are now considered offensive for good reasons! (Most figures are MARX repros)

Stay Tuned for the Battle of Widder Black's Farm. The premise will be the John Hunt Morgan raid in 1863.


  1. I stopped scrolling down the page halfway through trying to worl out what the last ESS word could got me...I failed :-D

    1. exactly like me! (...her... a little bit more than "halfway"....)
      I imagined that ESS was a Company!
      (and I thought that they do really good figures!!!)
      I'm out.... arrghhhhh!

  2. Many of those perfectly good words are verboten today because of FOOLISHNESS.

  3. The alternatives are "female-writer" etc, a term that get clumsey in use.
    I tried to use "Jewess" on a toy soldier forum to describe Josephine Marcus, Wyatt Erp's companion and got a cyber slap for THAT! "Ess" is a little better than "ette." Don't call a female National Park Ranger a "Rangerette." My sister-in-law is the harbor master of Rockport, Mass. Some jerks tried "Harbor-Mistress" on her.
    Rockport also has the traditional title of Selectmen for the elected town leaders.

    You get silly events like this...

    "ROCKPORT (CBS) – A Rockport selectman has apologized for telling the chairwoman of the Board of Selectmen to “go back to the kitchen” during a heated debate before a town meeting earlier this month." Apr 19, 2012

  4. At least they didn't call her a "chairperson."

    1. Ahh, the good old days when my Dad would rattle the ice cubes in this empty glass, say "Mamma-sita" and my Mom would get up and mix him a another drink. My wife hated seeing that!