Monday, June 4, 2012

Battle of Widder Black's Farm part 1

A fictitious event during John Hunt Morgan's 1863 Raid. (See the film Friendly Persuasion 1956)

Figures are Toy Soldiers of San Diego and the "Widow" is combination of a Steve Weston Mexican, a soccer player's legs, a Marx Mamie Eisenhower's head and two part putty. .


  1. Well done!!
    I think that I've understood the most important!
    (pictures help me!) and I like!
    I hope that some men will help her: she's alone, but... not completely, if I refer to the first pictures!
    The work (and the choice!) on the figures is awesome!
    I like!

    1. I have to explain that the term "pie-eater" is 1860s slang for a country boy. Like the term peasant.
      It doesn't mean ANYTHING else.

    2. I was just thinking(hopping!) that she's not alone and that someone could come to help her!!!
      (well, I'll add this word "pie-eater" in my own dictionary!)

  2. A formidable amazon there (based on anyone you know?). Great painting and conversion work too.

  3. That has to be the most entertaining thing I've seen all day! Great work Sir.