Friday, October 28, 2011

Swiss Military Women!

It's only pre-World War One Humor that mirrored the French and German theme of what if emancipated women joined the military. For you war gamers, these pictures might be an inspiration for fantasy troops to fight Hinterland's beautiful female hussar series.

 The proposed female recruits would do the wife and mom work...

Perhaps red stockings mean artillery and green mean rifles.

They even staged this humor for the camera. I've noticed that when men dress like women it's usually funny but when women dress like men it's usually sexy.


  1. :-D The last photo..the female on the far right...what a brilliant expression..I like her :-D Looking at old photos like that I often wonder what became of the people in them..

  2. Paul, she is a cutie. It's likely that they lived good long lives and are now "star stuff."