Sunday, July 24, 2011

Recent acquisitions......

Safari Ltd. figures. Found at art stores and museum shops. About $6 U.S.D.

A few of these could make a "Village People" play set or diorama.

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  1. I´ve never heard of this make of figs before..
    The Vivandieres...yep your right..the Marketetendrinnen though comes from old german..and it has loose connections to what basically the female camp followers...a lot of which at the time(medieval) were laides of ...well anyway.
    I´ve had a thought and maybe bennos would be a bit of a waste of effort for you to join...not that´s it´s not a great site , but it´s mainly for 1/72nd stuff, well actually only 1772nd and smaller. Better would be this lot, the gentlemans wargames club...
    a great bunch of squirky humoured guys who game etc in all scales and periods. I´m there as Paul with my on my blog.