Sunday, January 30, 2011

German speakers?

Would any German speakers please explain this cartoon from a 1909 copy of  Kladderadatsch?

Why is the French symbol Marianne, in her underwear, commenting on General Durand's legs?


  1. "General Durand, I think I have a German spy in my hole."

    Don't trust me though.

  2. Why did my whole post disappear?


    The conspicious Pulex

    M.: General D., i believe i have a - german spy in my pant!?

    of course, i and every reasonable educated imperial german had latin in school and can easily translate pulex as flea (actually i had to google, fleas aren´t nearly as common in my life as they still were in 19umpteen)
    syphilis and other VD de jour were commonly called "the french disease" thoughout most of germans postmedieval history, it is "general knowledge" for every german that our frogeating neighbours have poor hygienic and moral standards that strangely enough seldom fail to succumb clean upright germans into any imaginable debauchery.

    my understanding of cartoon sketch: france tries to explain its shortcomings by hostile german activity.

  3. I did find a postcard that has General Durand in it including his legs in boots and his breeches. I thought there was a comment that Marianne's underwear and legs looked similar. Thanks for the reply!