Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Prince Regent's Christmas Wish

Blackadder's Christmas Carol (1988 (TV) )

Edmund Blackadder, Esq.: Shall I begin the Christmas story?

George, the Prince Regent: Absolutely, as long as it's not that terribly depressing one about the chap who gets born on Christmas Day, shoots his mouth off about everything under the sun, and then comes a cropper with a couple of rum coves on top of a hill in Johnny Arab land.

Edmund Blackadder, Esq.: You mean *Jesus,* Sire... ?

George, the Prince Regent: Yes, that's the fellow! Keep him out of it. He always spoils the X-mas atmos!

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  1. Oh i love Blackadder, fantastic series it is - very witty and cleverly written.