Friday, December 3, 2010

Painted Salem Zouaves.

I did these back in the 80s. One is a converted Imrie/Risley figure of a 9th New York Hawkins Zouave. I added the kepi head and havelock. The actual uniform for the Salem Zouaves is in the Essex Institute in Salem, Mass. The last time I saw it the blue cloth had oxidized to a green color.

Another conversion is this couple. The Zouave is a Stadden and the girl is a plastic Mokarex figure given a new head. from a novelty figure. My mistake was using a figure in ball gown and painting it a dark color. Not correct for daytime  nor the season. maybe someday I'll repaint her.

The "SZ" on the canteen can be seen in a period illustration from a book on the 8th Massachusetts published at the time of the Spanish American War.

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  1. Great!!! I like the little dio a lot...The dress looks really good mate, a bit like silk...good effect.