Friday, April 12, 2024

British Light Infantry 1775

 These figures are heavily converted LOD Enterprises 60 mm figures from it's British Infantry set. I picked the 59th Regiment as the unit was involved in the major actions in the Boston area in 1775. I also picked the 59th because the there are no reenactment units , nor modern illustrations of the 59th to call me wrong.  ;) 

The original figures had a LOT of problems. 

They do have the light infantry "wings" . short coat, and the British tin canteen. 

Pewter Light Infantry heads from a run of castings I had done years ago.  (LOD Enterprises also makes a set of British Light Infantry with the caps)

Cast pewter Brown Bess muskets grafted to the figures. 

I originally painted them all red to match LOD's plastic.

Recently I added the belly box ammunition pouches and painted the figures fully. 

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