Saturday, May 6, 2017

Rescued Repainted Britains Ltd Civil War gun crew

I probably ruined the resale value for these figures by repainting them.

Now shown with the Britains gun that the originals were sold with.


  1. Re-sell value is complicated. Not all old hollowcast are worth big bucks unless they are a especially rare set and preferably in original boxes AND in excellent condition. If they were ever played with the chances are they are battered with chips of paint missing.

    If the figures are re-painted and done so well their value is probably just as high but might appeal to a different type of collector.

    Your re-paints are not in the original style but still look great - better in my opinion.

  2. I can never understand the collectors penchant for untouched figures. I'd rather have a nice new paint job than tatty old peeling paint any day. Probably why my small collection will never be worth much!

  3. Scott
    I um and ahh over the same reaping issue but then never forget when I'm repainting or converting damaged paint bashed and playworn tatty figures that these men were designed to be played with and go into action - it will make their brave hearts of tin sing! Somehow the mint ones in boxes are a bit sad ...
    I like collecting the odd repaints, they sometimes give me new ideas for Imagi-Nations paint schemes.
    Great blog, enjoying reading this.
    Mark Man of TIN blog