Saturday, September 24, 2016

Marketenderin 2016

I only found a few photos of the Marketenderin from recent reenactment of the Battle of  Königgratz  I suspect that they were taking the 1000's of photos on line of the reenactment. Several women portraying Prussian and Austrian Marketenderin are shown here. I think that these women made militarized dresses based on their unit's uniform rather than from period sources.


  1. Nice looking event, and great pictures!

  2. Thanks for these interesting photos. Some fetching lasses there to be sure, and who wouldn't want to reenact in those uniforms?
    Now I am wondering if the red cross armbands in the first photo are anachronistic.

    1. Maybe in 1863....

    2. "....Dr. Louis Appia

      Louis Appia was born in 1818 in Frankfurt-am-Main and graduated as a doctor in Heidelberg in 1843. He had a particular interest in improving surgery for victims of war.

      In 1859, during one conflict, Appia mobilised resources and donations, to help the wounded and worked in field hospitals. Volunteering for such missions became a hallmark of his life.

      Two years later, Appia became chairman of the Medical Society in Geneva then, in 1863, he was asked to work on a commission looking into Henry Dunant's ideas for improving the condition of wounded soldiers in battlefields. This commission became the ICRC.

      In October 1863, Appia suggested that all volunteer rescuers in war zones should wear white armbands to identify them. General Dufour later suggested that a Red Cross should be emblazoned on the armbands...."

    3. Red Cross armbands in 1870