Sunday, December 27, 2015

A few new figures...

This was a LEMAX base player that I fixed with a better AIP head and a bow making it a period bass violin.

Some little kids from the earlier LEMAX Santa set.

 I added dry grass to the saw horse base from an earlier post..

 Emperor Maximian of Mexico and an Imperial officer. Not super authentic but based on Max's field uniform. Maybe in the cast of a future story if I get out of my slump.


  1. Good stuff. Maybe that's a cello, or maybe the musician is very short. Typo alert! Maximilian.

    1. Thank you Cap'n for the corrections. I should have written Double bass as well. Cellists sit down I believe.

  2. Great painting as ever. The Imperial Mexicans are smashing.

    Incidentally, I produced a British-Canadian force for an ACW game recently. I found the AIP 1870s Egyptians can, with a little conversion and a red spray, make excellent British regulars with the 1855-pattern shako. Seemed in your line.

    Major Bogswallop