Friday, October 23, 2015

Paragon Union soldiers

You get 12 figures in 4 poses. Forage cap heads are separate  plus you get 12 more with  brimmed hats. The sculpting is the usual clunky Paragon style . All of a Union soldier's gear is there but the haversacks are awkwardly placed in the figure's back rather than the side. Having worn the reproduced gear in reenacting, these details stand out.  The US belt buckle is way to large and really has to be cut down. Paragon sells these in gray plastic to use as Confederate but to my eye the uniform and gear are too US without having to say that these Rebs looted a US depot. (Which happened, as we know)  I'm starting to paint these today. Here are some pre-painting photos of the figures with conversions and comparisons to similar toy soldier brands.


  1. How do they fair next to the old Timpo solids Scott? They look to have a similar 'deep cut' sculpting style?