Friday, September 11, 2015

Zouave Project

I'm working on a unit of Union Zouaves with the turban and full trousers.  All The Kings Men has a several variations of Zouave heads at good price.

I removed the bayonets on the rifles as the period images and the drill manuals shows the firing sequence without bayonet. I've fired CW rifles and it's easier and safer on the right hand and your file mates without the bayonet fixed. Another factor is that with plastic figures the bayonet flexes and may crack the paint.

Most Toy Soldier makers mold  firing figures with spread feet. It works for the miniature's stability . Too much work to put these legs together.

 Loading the rifle actually is done in front of the body with the man facing forward to save space in ranks but this pose fits better in the mold.
 Charge bayonets changed to "ready."

 Period images by Winslow Homer of men firing without bayonets.

 Nice view of men loading and firing in ranks.

Stay tuned for the finished figures.


  1. Good looking conversions Scott. All of that fiddly work definitely worth the effort

  2. excellent happy to see you removed the bayonet

  3. Very nice indeed. Looking forward to seeing the complete d result!