Friday, April 24, 2015

Almost done. Marksmen/Replicant Union troops.

48 Figures so far.  Three sergeants and four corporals.


  1. They look amazing.....just picked up a load of these myself, but I doubt if I'll get them looking this good.

    1. Thanks and I bet you'll enjoy doing your own style. Post them if you do paint them.

    2. Will do Scott. Won't be for a while but I am buying up an awful lot of 1/32 ACW figures at the moment. A brand new period for me, so extra exciting.

    3. Hi Scott, could you kindly help me out choosing the best ACW artillery sets. I am about to put an order in with CTS and am unsure if the Imex sets are more realistic or the CTS (to me the gun barrels look a bit bulbous on the latter). Any advice would be appreciated.
      my email is
      hearthweruATgmailDOTcom. No need to post this comment .
      kind regards

  2. Excellent troops; first thing popped in my head was the old cadence, "Marching Down the Avenue..."