Saturday, February 1, 2014


I dug out and painted this mixed set of an Imrie/Risley arab slave dealer and a Rose Roman slave figure. The original female slave from the Imrie/Risley kit was used years ago for something I can't remember.

I remember over 40 years ago looking at a store catalog for the  Rose figures where the store owner had censored  the photos of the male and female nudes in Rose's ancient figure series with a marking pen.

There are few recognizably black civilian figures around.  This offering is from Delprado.

He's a young boy for the TSSD scale figures  and a man for the classic 54mm scale figures.

 There were "overall" garments in the 1800s but I can't find a photo of 1860s slaves wearing them. The "bib front" overall can be turned into an apron.

Fugitive Slave Law?   Not in enforceable in Canada! I got this WBritains 1868 British soldier from their "Redcoats" glossy series as close enough to the US Civil War era. The figure is on sale at Treefrog Treasures for $9 U.S.D., less than half the list price.

Look for these new cast member in the future.


  1. I reckon the British redcoats 'what's all this then' should have been preceded by ' 'allo, 'allo, 'allo ', as all old fashioned coppers would say.

  2. I can see how the African slave girl might enter the narrative, and even meet the Redcoat on the Canadian border. Curious to see how you work in the Arab fellow.

  3. It is odd that there are so few black civilian figures around, in all sclaes..especially civies

  4. Great pieces, Scott. I recall those old 54mm classics - Rose, Stadden, Gammage, et al. Best, Dean

  5. Nice rendition of the Queen's English - God Bless 'Er!