Monday, October 21, 2013

ACCURATE 54mm infantry in Great Coats

ACCURATE makes these figure in 1/72 scale so wargamers my enjoy this.


  1. The poor officer hasn´t got his winter coat!! :-(
    I´ve notcied from your last post that you use Americana Hobby paints. The result is great. I started using craft shop paints (Marabu/Hobbyline) a few years ago after finding out they had two Advantages over the "brandname" paints.
    1. Cheaper.
    2 They are the same paint mix ( just that the expensive 12ml bottles of Hobby paint have had floor/window cleaner added.) but unlike the "Hobby" paints I can get them in every high street.

  2. They look just the job for keeping the chill out of the bones.

  3. Hm, Andy Peters made some advancing/marching Yankees in great coats which we used for our Fredericksburg diorama in 1:72. Maybe helpful?