Thursday, November 25, 2010

Marksman Zouaves

 I don't want to go over ground the Mannie Gentile covered a while back on this line of figures. He's funnier and very observant.

I'll be back in a bit with more on the Marksman Zouaves in my collection. I will just leave a quick post of a strange French magazine cover I found on the Delcampe auction site concerning a Zouave. If any french speakers can explain it please post.

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. I don´t know what she is saying, but judging by the look on the guys face it aint all that good. :-) maybe he´s lost his keys down there.

  2. Hello ! Patrick here from France ,
    well this cover (from a very satyrical french magazine !!!) depict the old french saying "la main de ma soeur dans la culotte d'un zouave" (hand of my sister in the zouave 's culotte) , nobody knows exactly from where and when this saying comes !
    here , the "sister" find nothing in the zouave's culotte and she is very sad... the title says " le malaise de l'armée, y' a plus de zouaves" (army's trouble, no more zouaves !)
    sincerely !

  3. Patrick, Thank you for the comment and explanation. I wonder when someone would use the saying:

    "la main de ma soeur dans la culotte d'un zouave"