Saturday, January 2, 2010

Spot the Cantiniere 2

I found a few photos of units and groups of soldier where a cantiniere appears. Again my premise is that the photos and images of the ladies show them with a unit or in the field rather than in a studio.

These are from the Paris Commune 1871

The next is a Chilean "Cantinera" from the "Regimiento Maipo 2º de Linea, en Antofagasta en 1879"

This was the during "Guerra del Pacífico" 1879-1884.

The next is a photo of Coppens' Louisiana Zouaves stationed at the Pensacola navy yard in Florida.

The close-up is better of the Cantiniere

She is possibly a Mrs. Clark, wife of the Orderly Sergeant William Clark or Miss Amelia Riliseh of Company D. This unit had three.
Military Collector and Historian....Volume 45, Issue 4, Page 148.

Title: Red Petticoats and Blue Jackets.1st Confederate States Zouave Batallion, or Coppens La. Zouaves Author: Ross Andrew Brooks

Lastly Mary Tepe as photographed at Gettysburg in 1863.

Military Images Vol. IV #1 July August 1982