Friday, September 17, 2010

Steve Weston's Mexican "Shovel Guy"

This is a very useful figure. I managed to get 8-10 of them in a bin at a convention w/o having to buy the full bags. With some head-swopping and TSSD's spare rifles I made a militia unit with several individuals. They do need haversacks, canteens, and blankets for a "campaign" unit, but as is, they can defend the town from bandits, Federales, Indians, Spanish, Americans, and the French. I converted the TSSD rifles to flintlocks from spare parts from ACCURATE's British and Minutemen plastic figures. They have a lot of "lame" figures that have well made flintlock mechanisms on their weapons. I suggest that caplock weapons will do for fighting after 1860 if you want to have them fighting the French. TSSD also makes spare bolt action rifles if you wish to convert this figure to the Mexican Revolution of 1910-20. The clothing lend itself more to Zapatistas than Pancho Villa's men who had access to uniforms. Sculpting the bandoleers might be hard to.

These figures are "color-coded" white, but can be easily painted as the clothing was basically white with yellow hats.

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  1. Thanks, this can help me as I am working on the Mexican Revolution. I am taking hats off Armies in Plastic WWI Japanese and putting them on Egyptians 1882, and also removing the Egyptians heads and putting them on the Boars.and scratch building sombreros for them. The cartridge belts can be lifted off the Boars with friendly plastic or yellow blue makes green putty that Duro use to make. A Russian company makes English WWI ass. nice ammo belts but only 5. I need about 200. Thanks Again